Certificates for diamonds

My customers are often asking me some questions about the certificates for diamonds. And I will explain briefly what certificates we use in our trade.

GIA certificates - those certificates are issued after careful inspection and checks of your diamond in the GIA Laboratory. GIA stands for Gemological Insitute of America, and the Headquarters of GIA are in Carlsbad, California, United States of America. GIA certificates are sought after by many.

We also trade with diamonds certified by:






and many others.

As a GIA professional, I would like to speak, by using the example of GIA certificates, about these documents and I would like y customers to be more comfortable with reading the certificates.

There are GIA reports and a GIA diamond dossier. The GIA dossier has the full specification of the diamond but without a plotted diagram. I would say that the dossier is a smaller version of the certificate but more compact. Also, the dossier is available for diamonds that weigh between 0.15ct to 1.99ct. The GIA report has full information, including a plotted diagram of the stone. A laser inscription with the number of the GIA certificate is located on the girdle of the stone.

Also, GIA will soon issue only eReports where you have full information and an image of the diamond in a digital form. From January 2023 there would be digital-only dossiers, by 2025 - other GIA reports.

On the left-hand side of each full report, there is a full specification with the number of the report and the information if there is a laser inscription on the stone. On the right-hand side, there is a plotted diagram of the stone.

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