Economics of diamonds, Part I

I enjoyed my time as a student. The parties. The social events. Oh, and debating financial models.

I remember my first lecture in financial investments. “We try and model the world because there are too many variables...” led to “Let’s assume that everyone’s the same, culture doesn’t exist and conflict is a figment in your imagination”. I thought, if you have to jump through hoops to even estimate a financial return of a bond or stock, then maybe they’re not such great investments after all?

Fast forward to Brexit. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And the pound fell faster than a drop of a hat. “Not surprised,” I mumbled, “Everything’s falling now”. Except diamonds.

Yes, the diamond seems like the fortified steel building in a field of wooden houses. The wooden houses have been rebuilt after many disasters while the steel building just needed a few touch-ups every now and then. I’ve been watching this happen for a long time already - too long, in fact.

If you’re tired of being let down by your wooden house collapsing again, you’ve come to the right place.

Enver Nigmatulin

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