ECN Care Plan

As we would love to make your experience better in ECN Jewels and would like your beloved items purchased from us to serve you for longer, we decided to overhaul our policy regarding second-hand items. Due to the low price of second-hand items sold to our customers by ECN Jewels, it is not viable for us to offer the same cover as with new items. So, we came up with the “ECN Care” plan, which is paid separately and annually and it is connected to the purchased item.

What is ECN Care?

It is a yearly subscription, giving you peace of mind and up to 2 accidental damage repairs a year. Just bring your item with the original parts and we’ll do the rest. This does not affect your consumer rights.

This optional upgrade can be purchased with the relevant second-hand item.

What if I am not covered with ECN Care but need a repair done to my second-hand item?

If you are not covered by ECN Care, you have to pay for each repair.

Is this provided for new items?

Yes, ECN Care is already included in the price for new items.

How much does it cost?

It is individually priced, according to the item. Ask us for details and we will calculate it for you.

What if I don’t have the original parts?

You would need to meet the cost of replacement parts.
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