Elena Nigmatulina - GIA qualified jewellery professional and Diamond specialist, GIA AJP.              

I am the co-founder of ECN Jewels. I am an experienced jewellery specialist, dealing with them for over two decades. I also speak Russian, English and Spanish - and hold a PhD in Biology and hold GIA qualifications and GIA AJP.


Enver Nigmatulin - BCS qualified business analyst, GIA Jewellery professional.


I am the founder of ECN Jewels. I am an experienced business analyst with over 6 years of experience in large-scale IT projects. I also speak Russian and English - and hold a Bsc Hons in Economics and hold BCS qualifications. Also, I am a GIA Jewellery professional.


The history

Elena started with dealing in high-end retail travel products in 1994, then that transitioned into investment diamonds and now she focuses mostly on fine jewellery.

But not just any fine jewellery. It is the innovative sort which is unique to ECN Jewels. We also deal with second-hand goods, which are vital for sustainability. And furthermore, we have a great selection of men's engagement rings and wedding bands with a wide variety of different precious and semi-precious stones.