5 top tips on how to choose a jewellery gift

Hi everyone,

Now I will talk about how to choose the perfect jewellery gift.

We all want to chose the gift which will be cherished and which will bring joy to its new owner. But how we can do it? Unless we know the needs of the gift receiver, it could be a nightmare to find a perfect gift.

I have worked in retail over 2 decades, and very often my customers are facing this dilemma.

Now, we can talk about 5 tips:

1. - budget - it is obvious that we need to be sure as how much we can/want to spend on such a gift; there is no need to break the bank to buy the perfect jewellery gift

2. - what the gift receiver does for a living? what is their job? As it might indicate a lot what the gift receiver will wear or what should be avoided

3. - the reason for this gift - Is it an anniversary coming? Lady’s Day? There are loads of options to connect your emotions and the event to the gift

4. - what receiver likes and what receiver hates - for example, one of my clients hates any item with amethyst; and it doesn’t matter how beautiful and appropriate the jewellery item will be, BUT if it contains an amethyst, she will not like it, as the amethyst in this instance represents a negative emotion for this customer

5. - the message you are sending with your gift - you are sending your love/expressing gratitude/wishing prosperity/showing loyalty….. The list is endless.

But of course, that is only part of the battle. You will need to clean your beloved jewellery as well, so it lasts for a long time. See you next time.

Elena Nigmatulina

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