Educating Our Customers

I am a strong believer in educating customers when they are choosing a diamond, for investment or for pleasure. I heard so many complaints from customers that the process of purchasing a diamond is a minefield and you need to be in this field a long time in order to make a correct decision.

However, I believe that because we are representatives of the diamond trade, we should educate the public without compromising our integrity to make the right choices, not because of stock we can’t sell but because we truly care about the customer. I strongly believe that, no matter the clarity or colour of the diamond, I know for each stone, there is a buyer who will love and cherish this diamond.

I educate my clients within reason, without boring them with too much detail, but I want them to have the full picture before they make a purchase. In this case they will “own the sale”.

I also heard the main complaint from millennial clients who become our largest group of buyers - that natural diamonds have too high of a mark-up and synthetic diamonds are better for them in terms of price and ethics. Because of the increased demand for synthetic diamonds from millennial clients, even large diamond companies such as De Beers are now accepting synthetic diamonds as part of their product portfolio.

Educating our customers is a very strong but fair selling tool which allows our customers to make conscious decisions, as I said above, to “own the sale”.

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